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Account Set Up

What should I do for the new website?

  • Sign up for an account on the website
  • Once we received your sign up notification, we will input your product pricing in your account
  • Please do give a few working days for your pricing to be reflected

I have an account for the old website

  • This is a whole new website which allow online payment
  • So we will require you to create a new account

I cannot sign up, it keeps prompting me error

Please ensure that your “Username” does not contain below errors


symbols like slash (/) or space is not allow for username creation


PWD5/PWD5-1 (The slash is the error problem)

Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd (No spacing is allow for username)

I have a few customer code with different shipping address

There are 2 ways in doing it, please choose either

  • Create a website account for every customer code and input all the addresses
  • Create just 1 website account and change the shipping address for that particular order at the checkout page

My Billing Details and Shipping Details is different address

  • Website is for ordering purpose, we just need customer ship to address
  • Billing will be as per your agreement (nothing is changed)
  • Unless customer choose to pay through paypal, payment will be made immediately

I will like to change my user account details

Please email request to enquiry@polar.com.sg

Login Issues

Cannot log in

  • Please ensure that you have sign up a new account and not using old account details to log in
  • If error persist, please reset your password with the steps under “How to reset password”

Why does it keep redirecting me back to the homepage

Please reset your password with the steps under “How to reset password”

How to reset password?

  • Click “Login” button (top right hand corner of the website homepage)
  • Click “Lost your password” at the bottom of the popup page
  • Key in username or email that you registered
  • An email on resetting password will be send to you and you will have to follow the steps in the email to reset your password

Still having problems in logging in

Please send an email to enquiry@polar.com.sg

Order Issues

How to place order?

  • Sign Up for an account
  • Wait for a few working days for product pricing to be reflected
  • Go to “Shop”
  • Select product, eg. Polar Premium Distilled Water (if you order distilled water)
  • Click on the product image
  • Edit quantity if you will like to order more than 3 bottles
  • Click “Add to Cart” (*Clicking this will not process the order immediately)
  • Go to shopping cart (Top right hand corner)
  • Click “Checkout”
  • Have a check on the details
  • Please choose your preferred delivery date
  • Please select payment method


Cheque Payment

  • Click on “Place Order” for cheque payments (Order will be processed)
  • Customer will receive an order receipt email on their order


Paypal Payment

  • Click on “Proceed to paypal” for paypal payments
  • Customer to log in to paypal account to make payment
  • Customer with NO Paypal Account can select “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” button at bottom of the page
  • Please make payment
  • Customer will receive an order receipt email on their order once payment has been verified

Cannot select Saturday for delivery

Please select any day on the calendar and indicate your delivery date and day under “Order Notes”

I will like to ship to another address

The ship to address can be change and edit at the final checkout page

Why I don’t see any pricing on my product?

Please give us a few working days to input your pricing

Why is there no pricing for other products?

Customer will only be able to see pricing for the products that is based on your agreement.

If you are interested in other products, kindly enquire to ask for a quotation

Why didn’t I receive any order confirmation email?

  • Your payment has not been verified OR
  • There might be a glitch in the system
  • Please check if your order went through and order status with the following steps

Check order status

  • Click “My Account” (Top right hand corner)
  • Click “Orders”
  • Customer should be able to see their order history

Will you be sending me another email when you deliver my water?

No, you will only receive order receipt email. We will do our best to deliver your water based on the delivery date that you requested

Do you have a faster way for ordering online?

Yes, there is a reorder function where you can place your previous order right away

  • Log in to your account
  • Click “My Account” (Top right hand corner)
  • Click “Orders”
  • You should be able to see your order history table
  • There is “Reorder” button on every past orders
  • Click reorder on the past order that you will like to order


POLAR has what type of water?

POLAR has two different types of water. We carry and produce our own distilled water which is 100% made in Singapore. We also carry natural mineral water to offer customers a variation to select from.

The differences between distilled and mineral water

Distilled drinking water goes through a series of comprehensive treatment and sterilization to remove chemicals, chlorine, odour and all forms of impurities giving you the purest form of drinking water.

While mineral water comes from mineral spring and is often filtered naturally through layers of earth and rocks then followed by processing through filtration and purification technology to provide safe drinking water while still retaining its natural taste.

Is it a must to purchase or rent your water dispenser in order to purchase POLAR Water?

Is not a must to purchase or rent our water dispenser in order to purchase POLAR Water. But we strongly recommend it, give us a call to find out more.

What should I do about the repairing and maintenance of the water dispenser?

Please contact POLAR Water for repairing and maintenance of the water dispenser.

Is there anything that I need to take note regarding to the dispenser?

Please take note on the following points

– Do not place the dispenser under direct sunlight, place it at a place where there is proper ventilation.

– Allow at least 15cm of space between the dispenser and the wall to avoid damaging the unit due to accumulation of heat.

– Avoid placing dispenser in areas that have high temperature and moisture or flammable areas as it may cause machine malfunction.

– Do not place dispenser on top of a thick carpet, near electronics and furniture in order to prevent any forms of damages in the event of water leakage.

– Avoid using extension or multi-outlet extension cords.

– Do not attempt to carry out any modification or repair of the dispenser.

Where can I see the best before date of the water and how fast do I need to consume it after opening?

The best before date is indicated on the cap. It is recommended that the water should be consumed within 3 days after loading on the dispenser.

Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd (PWD) is a well-established local company since April 1993.


Address :
21 Woodlands Close #08-21 Primz Bizhub,
Singapore 737854

Phone :
Tel: 6292 1078
Fax: 6292 0052

E-mail :

We are open :
Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:50pm Sat: 8:30am – 12:50pm

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