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Water is a basic necessity for human life.dispenser with mineral

It is used for bathing, cooking, cleaning and most importantly drinking. However, the water which we consume everyday is not always clean and healthy.

Polar Natural Quality

Polar Natural Mineral Water is not just water from anywhere. The water flows and filtered naturally throught layers of earth and rocks from an environmentally protected underground source.

It is the bottled at source to maintain its freshness and purity.

Polar Natural Mineral Water is processed using the latest filtration techniques and UV sterilisation to bring you the purest and safest drinking water while retaining its natural taste.

Polar Natural Mineral Water is available in various convenient packages to suit your needs - 230ml, 330ml, 600ml, 750, 1500, and 19litres.

Environment Friendly

We are also committed towards environment protection through the uses of fully recyclable packaging materials for the bottles and caps. Our water coolers are also running on environment friendly CFC free R134a compressor.

Customer Satifaction

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