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Polar Water Distributor Pte Ltd (PWD) is a well-established Singapore-based company since April 1993. The company is committed to deliver the best quality distilled and mineral water on dispensers and (DP*) water systems to our customers.  Our water is manufactured under stringent quality control and uses the latest distilling technology in vapour compression from USA in our local manufacturing plant.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and it’s our customer support and trust over the years that make us different. The diversity of customers from offices, homes, factories, showrooms, clubs, hospitals, site offices, exhibition and conference venues, etc. enable us to tailor and recommend the best water solution for their specific needs.

At PWD, our team are proud of our accomplishments, we are dedicated to our customers and continuously improve our service to make you our satisfied customers.

*Direct Piping


VISION: Shaping water for the future.


MISSION: Advancing our products by providing good quality water, excellent customer services & after sales services.


CORE VALUES: Enthusiam, Efficiency, Teamwork & Respect.


QUALITY POLICY: Our customer is our Priority, Highest standard safety.